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    ⦁ Good sportsmanship must be stressed and maintained at all times.
    ⦁ There must be a coach in the dugout at ALL TIMES. 10u and older : In the case where there is only 1 manager/coach at the game, players will be permitted to coach 1st and 3rd base provided they are wearing a batting helmet. 
    ⦁ NO seeds, gum, or metal cleats on turf fields or mounds. Failure to follow this rule can result in ejection from park and forfeiture of game. 
    ⦁ Conduct of spectators watching the game is the responsibility of the Manager/Coaches. No foul language, smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the entire park.  
    ⦁ Players are encouraged to cheer for their teammates however no negative chanting is permitted towards the opposing team. 
    ⦁ Players must wear full uniforms at all times, including baseball pants, shirt, and hat. Players without pants or hats are not allowed to play. No shorts are allowed. 
    ⦁ All male players are required to wear athletic supporter with cup. 
    ⦁ Each catcher must wear a protective cup, hockey style helmet or mask, with throat guard, chest protector and shin guards during games and while warming up pitchers.  
    ⦁ Baseball shoes must have rubber spikes on the bottom for 12u and under. Metal spikes are not permitted 12 and under or on turf fields. Metal spikes are NOT permitted on Turd Fields 10. 13u and under USA Standards Bat Rules or USSSA BPF 1.15 2 ¼ must be followed for 60’ & 70’ fields. USSSA BPF 1.15 2⅝ or 2 ¾ diameter bats must feature USSSA BPF 1.15 Certification and be -10 or heavier for 46/60 & 70’ fields.  13u and older must use BBCOR or non-composite wood bats on 90’ fields. (SEE 51/70 13U EXCEPTION ABOVE) 
    ⦁ A player that uses an illegal bat will be called out. Team Managers will be ejected if the bat rule is violated two times during the game.  
    ⦁ All batters/baserunners must wear helmets. Players who coach bases must wear helmets as well.  
    ⦁ A defensive outfield shall consist of 3 players that must play on the grass. Only 4 infielders are allowed.  
    ⦁ 8u and under: If both managers agree, 4 outfielders may be used. In that case Outfielders are prohibited from throwing runners out at first base with the exception of a failed tagging up or fly ball double play 
    ⦁ No coaches allowed on the field  
    ⦁ Each team will be permitted to bat nine with up to two Extra Hitters or use a Universal batting order. 
    ⦁ Parents are not allowed to stand behind the backstop during games. 
    ⦁ Parents are not allowed in the dugout during games. 
    ⦁ No on-deck batter swinging a bat. Only the batter shall have a bat in his hands. 
    ⦁ No unsupervised ball throwing on sidelines. 
    ⦁ Bat/Helmet throwing is prohibited and may result in ejection from the game by the umpire. 
    ⦁ Dropped third strike rule in effect 10u 46/60, 11u and over. 
    ⦁ Field areas should be kept clean and free of litter. Equipment must be kept in the dugout or away from the playing field.  

    ⦁ Coin flip determines the home team. 
    ⦁ Teams must be ready & available to start a game up to 30mins of listed start times during tournament play.  
    ⦁ Games consist of 6 innings for 12u and under age groups. 7 innings for 13u and older age groups.  No game can have an inning start after 2 hours. Extra innings can be played subject to the time limit. 
    ⦁ The game will result in a tie if the score is tied at the end of the time limit and the home team has equal # of at bats to visiting team. 
    ⦁ Game is considered official at the end of the 4th inning for all age groups.  
    ⦁ All teams will abide by the 15 run mercy rule. Once a team is ahead by 15 runs after the opposing team has batted 3 innings, the game is official and the score at that time is final. After 3 innings are completed, the game will end once a team is ahead by 12 runs in the 4th inning and 10 runs in the 5th inning or later. 
    ⦁ Infield fly rule is in effect for all ages except for 7u and 8u. 
    ⦁ Tagging up of all bases including home is permitted for ages 9u and up. 
    ⦁ No fake bunt swing is allowed 12U & under. This is for the safety of the players.
    ⦁ No dropped third strike rule all 46/60. 
    ⦁ If a player is injured and cannot return to the game their spot in the lineup WILL NOT constitute an out if they cannot bat. Any balls and strikes on an injured batter who must leave the game, will apply to the next batter in the order. 
    ⦁ All injuries must be reported to the safety officer or tournament director within 24 hours. (516)-983-8163 or [email protected]

    Extra Hitters  

    1. Teams have the option of using one or two extra hitters according to the following rules and conditions: 
        a) A team must have ten or more players prior to the start of the game;  
        b) The Extra Hitter (EH) cannot be added after the start of the game;  
        c) A team has the option of using or not using the EH;  
        d) The EH can be substituted for and is entitled to re-entry;  
        e) There is unlimited defensive substitution for players in batting order. 
             Note: all pitching rules must be followed.  
    2. Under no conditions may a player reenter a game in other than his original position in the batting order. The EH is considered a starting player. If a team elects to use an EH, they must finish the game with a player in that position in the batting order. If an EH has to leave a game for any other reason than an injury that the EH has suffered in that game, and there is no replacement for that EH, every time that EH is due to bat it becomes an automatic out.
    3. The use of a DH is prohibited.
    4. Universal batting order is permitted
    5. If the Universal batting order is not used, a starting player who has been removed from the game may re enter under the following conditions :
        a) the player must return to the original spot in the batting order
        b) only a starting player is eligible to be reinserted and he may only be reinserted once per game
        c) the player does not have to return to his original defensive position
        d) a pitcher after being removed from the game or remaining in the game in a different position cannot return to the game at anytime as pitcher. 


    1.A team may start the game and play with eight players. When playing with eight players, the vacant slot in the batting order is a NOT A MANDATORY out. If a ninth player arrives, he may be inserted into the game at the bottom of the lineup and will be an eligible batter the next time he is up in the order. 
    2.In the event of an injury that happened during the game to the ninth player, the automatic out will NOT apply.  
    3.Additional players who arrive during the game will be placed at the end of the batting order for teams that selected the universal batting order. 


    ⦁ Ground rules will be discussed between the Managers and Umpires prior to the start of the game. 
    ⦁ Umpires are to be respected. Umpires will not tolerate foul language from players, coaches or parents. ZERO TOLERANCE WILL BE OBSERVED 
    ⦁ If a question arises pertaining to a disputed call or rule interpretation, the team manager, and only the team manager, shall have a discussion with the calling umpire. 
    ⦁ Only the umpire can grant timeout to a player once the play is considered over by the umpire. Managers can instruct the player to call a timeout that the umpire may elect to grant. 
    ⦁ If a manager, coach, parent or player is ejected from a game they must leave the field immediately.  Failure to do so will result in forfeiture.  Note: an ejected person should not be able to be seen or heard by the umpire, and the game will NOT resume until ejected party is removed.  

    ⦁ There are no pitch count rules. However, we encourage the use of the Little league Pitch count rules. It is the responsibility of the individual team officials to ensure the well being of their pitchers. 
    ⦁ Distance of the pitcher’s rubber to Home Plate shall be 42’ for 7u & 8u, 46’ 9u & 10u & 11u, 51’ for 11u & 12u and 60’ for 13u and older. 
    ⦁ Pitchers are not allowed to start in consecutive games.  
    ⦁ Balks – Umpires will call balks for the 11u 51/70 and up age groups. One warning per pitcher per game will be provided for 11u and 12u players.10u 46/60 will receive warnings only. 
    ⦁ Pitchers are not allowed to fake a throw to the third base, commonly known as “fake-to-third, throw-to-first.” 
    ⦁ Mound Visits – MLB Rules for mound visits. 2 in an inning and 3 in a game per pitcher.
    ⦁ Hit Batters –12u and under Any pitcher that hits three batters in a game must be removed from the game as a pitcher. He may not return as a pitcher for the rest of that calendar day. 
    ⦁ Warm-up Pitches before an Inning: Maximum of 5 warm-up pitches for any pitcher. This will keep the games moving and limit overworking player’s arms. A manager or coach will be permitted to warm up the pitcher to save time.
    ⦁ Pitchers cannot use a first basemen’s mitt. 
    ⦁ 8u and under: Walks: The first three walks in an inning will consist of 4 balls. After three walks, walks will consist of 6 balls for the rest of that inning. This rule can be waived if both coaches agree. 

    ⦁ Bases will be set at 60’ for all 8u and under age groups, 10u can be 60 or 70’ for 11u and12U, and 90’ for 13u and older. 
    ⦁ There is no courtesy runner permitted. The speed up rule, for catchers only, may be applied if there are two outs. This rule to be applied at the manager’s discretion. (Note- the re-entry rule may be used in a baserunning situation.) A player has to have been the catcher in the previous ½ inning in order to have a runner take his place.              
    ⦁ No base runner is permitted to “barrel” into another player. Base runners must slide, give himself up or go around the defensive player or they will be called out and possibly ejected from the game. 
    ⦁ For 8U, 9U/10U/11u 60, a runner may attempt to steal the base after the pitch crosses home plate. If the runner leaves base early, the team will be warned and the runner will return to the original base. All other runners on the warned team will be called out after the first warning.  
    ⦁ No base runners 12U AND UNDER can slide head first without penalty of being called out, except to return to a base  
    ⦁ 11U & OLDER 51/70 base runners can lead and attempt to steal all bases at any time. 
    ⦁ 11U 51/70 & OLDER batters become base runners on a dropped third strike by the catcher when applicable. 
    ⦁ 8U: Base runners may attempt to advance on overthrows of 1st, 2nd or 3rd bases on a hit ball only. 
    ⦁ 8u: Base stealing is allowed at this level. Unlimited steals from 2nd to 3rd per inning Defensive players are instructed to not block the base from the base runner. No stealing of 2nd. 
    ⦁ 8u: Coaches will teach base runners to slide, give themselves up or go around the defensive player or they will be called out. If this occurs twice during a game, the coach must sit the player down for the remainder of the game. 
    ⦁ 8u: The ball is considered “dead” on a throw from the outfield to the infield and is in the possession of an infielder. Once ball is secure in infield, runner must go back to previous base unless he is more than half-way to next base. Instruct outfielders to throw the ball into the nearest infielder. If the runner is more than half way to the next base, the player may proceed to that base. Do not let the player’s run wild on the base paths.  

    ⦁ The only person who may protest shall be the team manager or person in charge of the team. 
    ⦁ The only grounds for protest is a decision based on the interpretation of the rules, or the use of an ineligible player/bat. 
    ⦁ The Tournament Director will make the decision whether the protest is upheld. If so, the game will be resumed from the point of the protest, except in the case of an ineligible player where a forfeit will result. 


    ⦁ Assume all games will be played if the weather is questionable unless called or emailed by a league representative. Safety of the players is of primary concern. 
    ⦁ Poor weather prior to the start of the game – Managers may also call the tournament director at (516) 983-8163 or access the league website at ⦁ to find out if fields are open. The website will be updated by 7:00am on weekends and by 4:00pm during the weeknight games.  
    ⦁ Poor weather after the start of the game – Umpires to determine if fields are in playable condition and will stop games if player safety is at risk. If thunder or lightning is heard or seen nearby during a game, the game is to be stopped immediately. The game may resume after twenty continuous minutes without thunder or lightning. The umpire will call the game after three thunder or lightning delays. Safety is of primary concern. 
    ⦁ It is an official game after four innings if the game is called for darkness or any other weather condition. The home team must bat the required number of innings if they are losing for the game to be official. The game will revert to the last completed inning if the game is called in the middle of an inning.  


     A forfeiture will be awarded under the following circumstances:
        ⦁ A team is not ready to play 15 minutes after the scheduled game time.
        ⦁ A team is unable to field at least 8 players throughout the entire game.  


    ⦁ Any player who receives an injury (other than superficial) or becomes ill, etc., may not play any more that day.  Note that swelling, lacerations, etc. will remove an injury from the superficial status.  A player who has been rendered unconscious during a game shall not be permitted play in subsequent games without written authorization from a physician. This authorization must be supplied to the league prior to the player returning to play.  When a player is removed from a game for an injury / illness, all substitution rules apply.  In the event of an injury that happened during the game, the automatic out, will not apply.  All injuries must be reported within 24 hours in writing to the League. [email protected] 


    ⦁ When two teams within a division have identical win-loss records, the winner of the head-to-head competition between those two teams shall advance. 
    ⦁ If both teams have not played head-to-head, the team with the least number of runs allowed in all games played will advance.  
    ⦁ When three teams within a division have identical win-loss records, the following will apply: 
    ⦁ The least number of runs allowed by a team in all games played will advance that team as champion
    ⦁ If still tied, a coin toss by the league 

    ⦁ The primary interest of this league is fairness and that the players on the field decide the outcome of the game. In order to ensure that the principles of sportsmanship, fair play, skill development, and mutual respect among players, managers, coaches, umpires and spectators are the primary considerations governing competition in the League, the following Code of Conduct has been established and adopted. 
    ⦁ No use of abusive language or profanity, humiliating remarks, and/or gestures of ill temper, and physical assault upon another player, coach, manager, umpire or league official at any time. 
    ⦁ A physical assault upon another player, coach, manager, umpire or league official by a manager coach or parent of a player will result in the team’s removal from the tournament. 
    ⦁ Respect the manager, coaches and players of the opposing team and demonstrate appropriate gestures of sportsmanship at the conclusion of every game. 
    ⦁ Respect the umpires. The team’s manager may address the umpires during the game but only within the provisions of the rules and in a courteous, respectful manner. Parents may not address the umpires. 
    ⦁ No use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or other illegal substances 
    ⦁ Cheer for team in a positive, supportive manner, refraining at all times from making hostile, negative, or abusive remarks about the opposing team.      NO CHANTING WHEN THE PITCHER IS ON THE RUBBER. 
    ⦁ Demonstrate appropriate gestures of sportsmanship at the conclusion of a game, win or lose. 
    ⦁ Realize, accept, and practice the principal that a reputation is built not only on its playing ability, but also on the sportsmanship, and courtesy. 
    ⦁ If a Parent is ejected during a game, the child of said Parent will be ejected as well.  
    ⦁ All coach ejections can be subject to one game suspension.  
    ⦁ Respect the rules of the game. 
    ⦁ Improper conduct on the part of managers, coaches, players or spectators may result in expulsion from the game/practice facility, or in extreme cases, forfeiture of the game. The Tournament reserves the authority to discipline managers, coaches, players or spectators during the course of the season for conduct deemed detrimental to the good order of the Tournament. Such actions may include warning, suspension or termination.