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Coaches Handbook

Coaching is a great experience. It allows the coach to share a special relationship with their own child as well as helping other children in the community. The coaches role is well defined on the Little League International site's Coaching Page.


Coaches of all Divisions excluding tee ball can and should organize practices to help their players improve their skills. To reserve practice fields, batting cages and equipment, please email [email protected]

The Little League Coach Resource Center has excellent skills, video and articles to help coaches plan fun and instructional practices for all levels of play.

Pitch Counts

Coaches in Competitive Divisions must maintain an accurate pitching log and abide by specific amounts of rest. The pitch counts and rest vary by player age; please check Division Rules for specific information. If you have any questions, please speak with your League Coordinator.

Borrowing Players

It is important for a coach to confirm that they will have enough players to field a team for each game. Borrowing players is allowed but specific rules must be followed. Please refer to your division's rules and ask your league coordinator for assistance or clarification as needed.