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Competitive Rules

General Rules


  • Time limits – no new inning starts after 2 hours. Once inning starts, it will be completed unless called for darkness. Score reverts back. A new inning starts as soon as the 3rd out is made in bottom of previous inning.
  • Extra innings – Can be played if within time limits above
  • If your team will have less than 8 players, Manager must contact Division Director who will get a player from another team or division. That player cannot pitch or catch and shall bat last in your batting order. There is no exception to this rule.
  • If your team has 8 players you borrow one from other team.
  • There are no defensive position changes allowed once inning starts. Exception is when pitcher is removed from mound.
  • All divisions shall use a rotating batting order. All players present for game must be in the line-up. Every player must play a minimum of 3 innings per game. No player shall sit for two consecutive innings. There are no automatic outs in CSLL.
  • Mercy rule is 15 runs at the end of 4 innings 3 ½ if home team is ahead.
  • There is no head first sliding allowed. Except when returning to a base. Sliding head first will result in runner being called out. Player must slide into Home plate if there is a play. Failure to slide will result in runner being called out.
  • Tagging up is allowed.
  • One offensive timeout is allowed per inning.
  • There are no pinch runners; unless runner is injured then it is last player to make out who runs for him/her.
  • If the player who will be playing catcher in the next defensive inning is on base with two (2) outs that player may be replaced on base with the player who last batted out.
  • Stealing is allowed. Base runner cannot leave base until ball crosses plate.
  • Bunting is allowed.
  • There is no on deck batter.
  • Infield Fly rule is in effect.


Pitching Rules


  • Each team is responsible for keeping a pitch count. Count must be reported to umpire every half inning.
  • Manager must remove the pitcher when pitcher reaches his/her pitch limit. Pitcher can finish batter started prior to reaching pitch count max.
  • Pitcher once removed can remain in game at another position
  • Exception: A pitcher who throws 41 or more pitches cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of the day
  • A catcher who has caught four (4) or more innings cannot pitch for the remainder of the day. One pitch counts as an inning.
  • 12 year old Major players can pitch a maximum of 6 innings per week


Pitch Count


AAA League (Ages 8-10): 75 pitches

Majors League (Ages 11-12): 85 pitches


Rest Rules


If a player pitches:

1-20 pitches in a day - No rest is required

21 - 35 pitches in a day - One (1) calendar day of rest is required

36 - 50 pitches in a day - Two (2) calendar days of rest is required

51 - 65 pitches in a day - Three (3) calendar days of rest is required

66 or more pitches in a day - Four (4) calendar days of rest is required

Every Manager will carry a pitching log. You pitching log will have your Pitchers pitch count and your opponents Pitchers pitch count. At the end of each game the opposing manager must sign your log. Prior to the start of every game you must show your pitching log to the other manager and umpire. Failure to produce a pitching log will result in a one inning max for every eligible pitcher on your team. If a pitcher is used that is not eligible to pitch the manager of the game will be suspended for a minimum of one game. If there is a second offense the manager will be removed from the league. The CSLL Executive Board’s decision will be final.


Intentional walks are only allowed in the Majors Division. Only one per game. Pitcher does not have to throw pitches but the 4 pitches are added to pitch count.



Weekly Pitching limits above the pitch count. A pitcher cannot pitch in more than 6 innings per week. The week is Sunday –Saturday. This applies to AA, AAA, and Majors Divisions. In addition, in the Majors Division a league age 12yr old can only combine for a total of 12 innings. So if you play 3 games in a week a league age 11yr old must pitch the remaining innings.



Important Notes:

AAA: For the first half of the season there will be a 5 run per inning max, except for the last inning. Both Managers must agree with umpire as to when the last inning starts. Once the last inning is declared that will be the last inning regardless of how many runs are scored or how quickly the inning ends. For the first half of the season there will be a max of 3 stolen bases per inning. You can steal home starting on May 7, 2016. Starting May 7, 2016, AAA will follow all Majors rules except dropped third strike.

Boys Majors: For the first half of the season Majors will play Book Rules with the exception of dropped third strike. Starting May 13, 2017, the dropped third strike will be called.