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Juniors, Seniors & Bigs

Commack South Little League offers several competitive leagues for children from ages 13 - 18. To determine your child's league age, please refer to the Age Chart - Baseball.

New for the 2016 Spring Season, Commack South Little League will offer a 50/70 Division for 13 year old boys. Games in this division will be played on a field larger than the standard little league field (46 foot pitchers mound and 60 feet between bases). This field will feature a 50 foot pitching mound and 70 feet between bases.

Players with a league ages of 13 to 15 are eligible to play in the Juniors Division.

League age 15-17 players can play in the Senior Division.

The Big League Division will be for players with league ages of 16 to 18.

If your child is below league age 9, please review our Youth Divisions.

If your child is between league age 9 and 12, please review our Competitive Divisions