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Competitive Divisions

Commack South Little League offers competitive baseball leagues for children with league ages between 9 and 12 years old. To determine your child's league age, please refer to the Age Chart - Baseball.

Competitive division games declare a winner based upon the score of the game. League standings are used to determine the seedings for the playoffs.

Players with a league age of 9 will be placed in the AA League.

League age 10 players will be placed in the AAA League.

The Majors League will be for players with league ages of 11 and 12.

Please review the Competitive Division Rules pages for more details about these games.

The players on each team will select players to represent their team in the Players Choice games at the end of the season. For more information, please visit the Player Choice Games page

If your child is below league age 9, please review our Youth Divisions.

If your child is above league age 12, please review our Junior & Senior Divisions.