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Uniforms & Equipment



All players must wear official CSLL uniforms to all games. Uniforms are for sale during the online registration process, and during the season at the concession stand. There will be a scheduled date and time for uniform pickup. Black pants (not provided) will be worn during in-house games.

Williamsport Teams wear the CSLL travel uniforms. Arrangements for purchase and distribution of these uniforms will be made prior to the Williamsport (Summer) tournaments.



CSLL provides every coach with catchers equipment and game balls. Players must provide their own fielding gloves. It is highly recommended but not required that players in competitive divisions wear heart guard protectors. All players should wear protective cups as well. Players must bring their own batting helmets and bats. All bats must comply with Little League International's Bat Guidelines.

Batting gloves may be used. Weighted sleeves are permitted; batting donuts are not permitted.