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Youth Rules

All Youth Divisions


  • Every player is in the line-up every inning. No one should be sitting at this level. Play a normal infield and place additional players in the outfield, roughly five (5) feet behind the infielders
  • Do NOT allow a player to play on second base. Position the infielders in the correct locations
  • No leading
  • No stealing bases
  • No triples or homeruns; If it is a good hit, allow the batter to go to second. Do NOT advance runners on errors or overthrows
  • No bunting
  • One Manager/Coach must be in the dugout when the team is batting. Only the current batter should be holding a bat. There is no need for an on-deck batter at this level.
  • Scores are not kept and no winner is declared for any game


Tee Ball

  • Safety Baseballs must be used 
  • First 30 - 40 minutes should be used for team practice
  • Game should be 60 minutes
  • Every player gets an at bat every inning and Every player gets a single except the final batter in the inning (see below).
  • The last batter for each team every inning gets a homerun. The defensive team should not leave the field until the batter reaches home plate.
  • Coaches must rotate their batting order so that all players get an equal number of homeruns over the course of the season.



  • Safety Baseballs must be used
  • During the week, the first 30 minutes should be used for team practice
  • The Manager or Coach pitches to their own team.
  • The Manager or Coaches pitches the entire game.
  • It is easiest to pitch from one knee. Pitches should be thrown overhand and the Manager should be half way between the pitcher's mound and home plate. 
  • There are no walks or strikeouts
  • Runners advance one (1) base at a time except for the final batter for each team each inning who gets a homerun.
  • The fielding team should throw the fielded ball to first base. The batter is always safe and should not advance on errors or overthrows.
  • The defensive team coach should be in the field behind his players to instruct them on fielding and throwing.




  • During the first half of the season, teams will bat all players each inning. At the half point of the season (May 13, 2017), coaches will meet with the Division Coordinator to discuss possibly switching to changing to three (3) outs per inning.
  • The offensive team's coach will relieve the pitcher if any of the following occur prior to the defensive team recording three (3) outs:
    • Hitting three (3) batters
    • A combined four (4) walks or hit batters
  • There are no changing pitchers within an inning. If a pitcher must be removed, the offensive team's coach will be the relief pitcher to complete the inning.
  • If the offensive team's coach is the relief pitcher, no walks and only swinging strikes and foul balls will count towards a strikeout.
  • A pitcher can only pitch 1 inning per game
  • Only singles and legitimate doubles
  • No advancing on errors

  • Second Half Rule Changes (starting on May 13, 2017)

  • Leading is allowed when the pitched ball crosses home plate